Monday, September 20, 2010

REVIEW for Moon Goddess Handmade Jewelry & Accessories!

This is the 1st review for my jewelry and accessories! And im honored to have it done by this lovely girl. Her name is Claire and she did a awesome job! You can check out her vids and subscribe to her on YouTube, under the name clarabellx9. Check her out! :)

Introducing: Face Model Victoria Dunnaway

I would like to introduce the 1st face model for Moon Goddess Cosmetics, Victoria Dunnaway! She is a very talented photographer and you can check out her work here:

Here she is wearing "Bad Romance" from the Lady Gaga Collection!




Zodiac Eyeshadow Collection from Moon Goddess Cosmetics!

What's your sign?

This collection is a mixture of semi-matte, shimmer and super-shimmer eyeshadows.

Aries - Bold red (Shimmer)
Taurus - Light Pale Blue (Semi-Matte)
Leo - Pale Orange (Semi-Matte)
Gemini - Bright yellow/gold (Shimmer)
Aquarius - Bold, vibrant Blue/Green (Shimmer)
Sagittarius - Deep, Dark Purple (Shimmer)
Virgo - Dark Brown with golden undertones (Shimmer)
Libra - Pink (Shimmer)
Capricorn - Sparkly Black (Super-Shimmer)
Pisces - Pale Sea Green (Semi-Matte)
Cancer - Bright Sea Green with gray & silver undertones (Super-Shimmer)
Scorpio - Deep Burgandy/Brown (Shimmer)

All eyeshadows in this collection are also available individually in my shop.

Individual full size shadows are normally $7.00, but you can have this whole collection for only $50!!! ($84 Value)Dont pass up this great deal!

Photos are taken as accurately as possible.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moon Goddess Cosmetics Reviews/Tutorials!!!

Check out these AWESOME tutorials and reviews from these lovely ladies! They did a great job and the shades looks great on them! Check out and subscribe to their videos on youtube: makeupmyworldx & Jmoon715

Also, here is a review on JMoon's Blog!

You can find my products on

By the way, if you are an experienced blogger or guru and would like to sample my products in exchange for a review and/or tutorial feel free to contact me! I am offering 3 sample size eyeshadows to anyone interested! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lady Gaga Eyeshadow Collection

I know this blog is late and should have been written long ago but im playing catch up!

Being a huge fan of Lady Gaga, she is the inspiration behind many of my projects so I decided to create an eyeshadow collection that celebrates her uniqueness. This collection is inspired by the innovative costumes that she wore in her music videos!

This collection is a mixture of matte, semi-matte, shimmer and super-shimmer eyeshadows.

Just Dance - Coral (Shimmer)
Paparazzi - Pale gold (Super Shimmer)
Telephone - Bright teal (Shimmer)
Beautiful Dirty Rich - Deep red (Matte)
Pokerface - Dark teal (Semi-matte)
Bad Romance - Light silver (Super Shimmer)
Love Game - Lavender (Matte)

All eyeshadows in this collection are also available individually in my shop.

Individual full size shadows are normally $7.00, but you can have this whole collection for only $30!!! Dont pass up this great deal!


Photos are taken as accurately as possible.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moon Goddess Cosmetics Now Open!

Finally, I created my own line of eyeshadows which ive been wanting to do for so long! I am extremely pleased with how they turned out and I hope everyone who uses my products will feel the same. I actually feel that my shadows are comparable to some MAC shadows! My eyeshadows are carefully formulated to be highly pigmented, very easy to blend and adheres very well to the skin.

I offer 10 gram full size jars for $7.00 and 3 gram sample size jars for $2.00. (Very generous amount and is long lasting!)

By the way…anyone who volunteers to do a tutorial or review of my products will receive 2 sample size eyeshadows for free to show my appreciation! :D *Hint hint* ;)

Ive got one collection up in my etsy shop so far and more will be added soon.

This is a video featuring my very first eyeshadow collection so far which is called the “Seven Deadly Sins” collection, along with swatches!

Seven Deadly Sins Collection!

You can get the whole collection for only $30.00! You'll be saving 20 bucks!

Visit my shop!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Etsy Shop Reopening Mid-May!

Announcement: Moon Goddess Handmade Jewelry & Hair Accessories will be back up and running in mid May. Also coming soon: Moon Goddess Cosmetics! The wait is almost over!!! ;)

Here is a preview of one of the eyeshadow shades ive created which is a matte, deep dark blue. No name yet. (Sorry for the poor quality, i'll be getting a new camera soon.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moon Goddess Cosmetics Coming Soon!

Hello and welcome to my very first blog. I decided to create this blog to promote my upcoming businesses which are not in progress at the moment because I just moved recently from NYC to Huntsville, AL and im still making transitions. This is just a heads up to look out for my handmade jewelry and accessories which are sold in my etsy store (Now closed), plus, a cosmetic line is also in the works. Tomorrow is my birthday and my husband is getting me my first eyeshadow making kit as a gift, yay! Im so excited to get started!!!!

I'll be traveling back to NYC next month to collect my jewelry making supplies and then I will be back in business. I cant wait!