Monday, September 20, 2010

REVIEW for Moon Goddess Handmade Jewelry & Accessories!

This is the 1st review for my jewelry and accessories! And im honored to have it done by this lovely girl. Her name is Claire and she did a awesome job! You can check out her vids and subscribe to her on YouTube, under the name clarabellx9. Check her out! :)

Introducing: Face Model Victoria Dunnaway

I would like to introduce the 1st face model for Moon Goddess Cosmetics, Victoria Dunnaway! She is a very talented photographer and you can check out her work here:

Here she is wearing "Bad Romance" from the Lady Gaga Collection!




Zodiac Eyeshadow Collection from Moon Goddess Cosmetics!

What's your sign?

This collection is a mixture of semi-matte, shimmer and super-shimmer eyeshadows.

Aries - Bold red (Shimmer)
Taurus - Light Pale Blue (Semi-Matte)
Leo - Pale Orange (Semi-Matte)
Gemini - Bright yellow/gold (Shimmer)
Aquarius - Bold, vibrant Blue/Green (Shimmer)
Sagittarius - Deep, Dark Purple (Shimmer)
Virgo - Dark Brown with golden undertones (Shimmer)
Libra - Pink (Shimmer)
Capricorn - Sparkly Black (Super-Shimmer)
Pisces - Pale Sea Green (Semi-Matte)
Cancer - Bright Sea Green with gray & silver undertones (Super-Shimmer)
Scorpio - Deep Burgandy/Brown (Shimmer)

All eyeshadows in this collection are also available individually in my shop.

Individual full size shadows are normally $7.00, but you can have this whole collection for only $50!!! ($84 Value)Dont pass up this great deal!

Photos are taken as accurately as possible.