Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NEW Jewelry Released!

Although I appreciate all the reviews and feedback that ive gotten on my jewelry and accessories, there were a few comments made which made me want to make some improvements. One being that my products are somewhat "childlike". And I must say that I agree. So ive decided that I need to evolve and make pieces that are more sophisticated and adult friendly but still appeals to the "alternative" crowd. I will continue to make some "cutesy" items for those who like them but I felt that I needed a change. So here are my latest items...I believe these are my best work yet! :)

Silver Native American Angel Wing Necklace

Silver Heart Shaped Necklace

Long Dangle Mini Brass Knuckle Earrings

Silver Heart Shaped Dangle Earrings

Silver Heart Shaped Necklace & Earrings Matching Set

All of my jewelry can be purchased here:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Now Available: Limited Edition Valentine's Day Quad!!

I apologize for such a long hiatus but im back and with a new eyeshadow collection! Introducing the limited edition Valentine's Day quad! Only available until Feb. 14th so act fast!!!

Whether you have a Valentine or not, step out on V-Day looking fierce with this collection!

This collection consists of all shimmer eyeshadow pigments!

Heartbreaker - Metallic lavender/silver (Shimmer)
Queen Of Hearts - Hot Pink (Shimmer)
Winter Love - Light Blue (Shimmer)
Cupid's Arrow - Rich dark burgundy with specks of red (Shimmer)

All eyeshadows in this collection are also available individually in my shop.

Individual full size shadows are normally $7.00, but you can have this whole collection for only $20!!! Dont pass up this great deal!

Photos are taken as accurately as possible.